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1.Rune Beorc - growth Symbolically, arcane rune Berkano represents Woman and everything she symbolises. This is a kind of energy that will enable you to manage your emotions to the best effect. It augurs well for fertility, positive renewal, the initiation of projects and a better understanding of the workings of communication in the wider sense.

2.Rune Nyd - caution Symbolically, arcane Nauthiz enables individuals to evolve by taking them through a phase of reorganisation. Anything not sufficiently stable or robust will inevitably disintegrate to make way for new, more stable and considered possibilities.

3.Rune As Or Os - language Symbolically, the arcane rune, Ansuz, heralds a period filled with exchanges with others, when communication will be the name of the game. Your future exchanges with others will be of the utmost importance in heading your life towards your goals.

by 123-rune


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Rune Fehu - wealth Symbolically, Fehu announces the arrival of a loved-one, news or actions filled with positivity. It symbolises self-control, a position of strength and fertile arguments.

In this situation, Fehu heralds discord and a threat of failure. In fact, when inverted, this rune suggests material problems and financial difficulties. It warns of great dejection and disappointment in love. It highlights a situation which doesn't look good and won't have a future. It puts you on guard against deceptive appearances and taking the wrong path. There's no point in sinking into despair; be patient, as the wheel will keep on turning and better days will appear on the horizon. In order to face these setbacks, you are advised to stay the course and not stray from your path. To do so, you should use all your assets with wisdom and foresight, closely evaluating the whys and wherefores of your quest. Don't lose sight of the fact that with courage and tenacity, you will emerge the winner!

Rune Sigel - victory Symbolically, Sowilo ushers in a new cycle, which heralds the triumph of positive energy and long-term actions leading to the birth of something new in the wider sense of the word. New beginnings bringing fundamental changes will favour any radical change of direction.

This rune is very beneficial. It augurs an extremely lucky period with improvements in all areas. Happiness, success love and health will be up to your expectations. With its energy, you will pursue your goals, find a way around obstacles and feel perfectly fulfilled. Sigel will illuminate both your path ahead and and your ideas, which will be realised more extensively. In your love-life, relationships will flow in a spirit of osmosis and communion. Your working relations will be excellent, projects will be completed easily and promotion should bring you all kinds of satisfaction. The wonderful rune will bring you positive results, as long as the negative influences of the second rune don't turn out to be unlucky or destructive. From the outset, you will have all you need to be able to shine! So, make the most of these good auspices to prepare to feel reborn!

Rune Eh - conquest Symbolically, rune arcane Ehwaz represents difficult situations. This is a kind of energy that more than anything needs profound reasoning to create energy levels that can be put to good use. It heralds dangers which will require a cool head and much patience to eradicate them. This rune indicates that you are going to need to be determined to win in the face of a period of uncertainty and disappointment on the cards. In fact, you could be about to go through an unsettled phase, when it will be important to keep your emotions under control, as, if you aren't careful, unrest, stress, anger and impatience could lead you down the wrong path. In your love-life, a period of stagnation and disappointment will imbue everything you do and be very unsatisfying. However, nothing is set in stone or definitive. This is why you need to be confident in yourself and the future, and not wallow in pessimism. Your luck will eventually turn, so there's no point in being rebellious. Instead, take advantage of the current climate to cultivate a completely calm outlook!


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Rune 1

Message :

MANNAZ represents Humanity. It symbolizes Individuality, Friendship, Society, Cooperation, Help.

Mannaz is considered to represent the Self. Normally when this Rune appears in your casting it indicates a time to go inside and search for your true essence. Mannaz asks you to go inside yourself to seek the true you within. It is through the self that we interact with others. Mannaz challenges us to look within ourselves and see if it is our actions that are creating the negative situations we find ourselves in.

Mannaz is a Rune of challenge because it challenges you, as did the Oracle of Delphi, to “Know Thyself.” There is a hidden meaning in Mannaz. If you cut this Rune in half, you have the construction of the Rune Wunjo. Wonjo has long been representative of the human emotion of joy. The Mannaz rune is a double Wunjo rune, the rune that brings joy in family and kin.

Rune 2


LAGUZ represents Water. It symbolizes Intuition, Emotions, Flow, Renewal, Dreams, Hopes & Fears.

The Waters of Wyrd, the depths of the unconscious, the flow of magic, the dreamworld where creatures of magic and myth roam free. Don’t underestimate the power of Laguz, the rune of water.

The Laguz rune contains aspects of changeability, fluidity, and even a lack of control. (Are you experiencing change? Are you feeling out of control?) It is the unconscious, the intuition, it has psychic abilities, (Tap into your intuition for clarity) and it is the sensual madness of sexual game. Laguz has deceptive elements that come from its variety, rather than for any menace. (Someone you trust is deceiving you) The water is constantly fluid and moving – arrange your life according to it. Accept the changes themselves as they are the only real constant in life. (If people/a person has left your life, it is time to let go - send love and accept this change - ask your angels to help you heal)

Rune 3


INGUZ represents a Seed. It symbolizes Goals, Growth, Change, Common Sense, The Hearth (Home).

It represents the process of a mental ‘seed’ desire implanted by the conscious mind into the subconscious for incubation and gestation, later to emerge as a new creation in your life affairs. Inguz governs the process of seed into catalyst, and the self-sacrifice of one form to bring into being a new form, and the characteristics inherited because of this transformation. It is time for you to participate in some power manifesting / law of attraction, allow your dreams and desire to birth.

21st February 2021