1, 2 or 3 ? Pick A Card (7th - 13th September 2020)

Card 1 - Leap of Faith

The angels bring you this card because you’re entering a new and exciting phase of your life. It’s important that you believe in yourself and know that the benevolent Universe wants you to succeed. Now is the time for faith, and commitment to your dreams! Take any necessary steps to move forward with confidence.

Listen to your own inner guidance about following your dreams, but be open to information from others regarding the detailed steps to take. You may need additional input or guidance from an expert before proceeding, but don’t let this stall your forward movement. Actively seek the insight you need.

Additional meanings of this card: Leaps of faith. Creative solutions. Unexpected opportunities. Asserting your independence. The need for optimistic approaches to challenges.

Card 2 - Hermit

This card signals that you’d benefit from spending time alone, listening to your inner voice. Meditation is essential, as the path to enlightenment is an inner journey. Be silent and experience the joy that comes from seeking the truth of your own heart. Learn to feel comfortable in your own company. After all, there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely.

This card also signifies spiritual teaching, so it can mean that you have wisdom to impart to others, or that perhaps it’s time for you to find a spiritual teacher. Sharing wisdom is part of your spiritual journey, especially right now.

Card 3 - Ten of Air

This situation has ended. Fortunately, endings are always followed by new beginnings. You may feel sadness over what has transpired, mixed with welcome relief. It’s time to walk away and embrace the dawning of a new day. Expect your circumstances to improve. It may be time to change your career. Perhaps you’ve completed a long-term project or have decided to pursue other employment. Don’t put limits on what wonderful things the Universe can bestow. Cast your net far and see what fantastic opportunities you might catch! Additional meanings of this card: Nowhere to go but up! Recovery from an addiction. A melodramatic reaction.

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