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11th - 17th May 2020 Free Weekly Tarot Messages

Relax 🌞 Clear Your Mind 🌝

Pick 1, 2 or 3...✨

Messages revealed below:

Card 1 Message :-

This card brings the message that honesty is the best policy. "Are you being completely honest? Are you cutting to the heart of the problem?" "If not, then you should be," is the advice of this card.

It is not time to play games.

Card 2 Message :-

The message indicates the self-induced internal chaos and mental anguish you are experiencing stems from your resistance to what is and your imagined fears of what might be. The advice would be to let it go and realize that you cannot control everything. You probably won't heed this advice as you are attached to your need to worry. Your quality of life will greatly improve if you could learn to let go of your fear by incorporating faith. Find something to put your faith in. Give your concerns over to a higher power and practice gratitude. Be vigilant with your thoughts and don't allow them to create stress in your life.

Card 3 Message :-

This card brings the message of embracing change it will empower you and you will move forward. Resistance will only increase suffering. The difficulty is in a lack of balancing your energy. Nurture your feelings but don't be afraid of them. You can find a balance between logic and emotion.

Use your power for good, not evil. Don't let it rule you, take control.


Sending Love & Positivity

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