11th - 17th November 2019

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Card 1 Message :-

You have selected a message that things are finally going to be falling into place for you. You are feeling the changes little by little, and you can truly say that there are improvements happening in your life. There will be a change of course around your thoughts and actions. This week calls for you to simplify your life and cut out anything that doesn't serve you, to work hard towards the goals that feed your soul and to cut loose any toxic chords.

Card 2 Message :-

A message of peace in the form of the deepest kind. There will come an energy that soothes and quiets your worries or troubled thoughts, enabling you to find renewal in the silence of the mind. ... Also, news coming through that one of your maternal relatives is in pain and will seek some professional medical attention.

Card 3 Message :-

You are taking on an extra burden, a heavier workload, or greater responsibility. Even though it is weighing you down and making things tougher for you, you understand it is only temporary, so you are willing to put in the hard work now to accomplish your goal and reap the rewards later. You will soon use various time management or prioritisation methods to determine where best to spend your time and which tasks you can drop. Freeing yourself up for rest and relaxation when you need it.


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