13th - 19th January 2020 Messages

Pick 1, 2 or 3 ! ✨💜🌙

Card 1 Message :-

Major life changes are coming your way and many will be a surprise! New energies are flowing in and re-directing you on your path. Know that the angels are with you and all is for the highest outcome.

This is a time of major transformation and you will be assisted along your journey. Embrace the excitement of change and do not cling to comfort zones. You will begin living your inner truth and embracing the real freedom that comes with that.

Card 2 Message :-

You are working to manifest peace, harmony and abundance into your life which requires only positive, divine thoughts. You are coming together with your true soul family, and are attracting to you only those in resonance with love.

It is time to heal all emotional and spiritual wounds and traumas and come back into wholeness. The angels are telling you there is nothing to fear. It is time to let go of anything that is causing discordance within your body and spirit.

This is a time of abundance! Allow your angels to guide you and keep focused on your wishes. The more we give, the more we receive.

Card 3 Message :-

You have magical abilities that are waiting to be discovered and developed with in you. Explore the unknown. If you are trying to attract something into your life, be it money, love or success, but there is a feeling of disbelief that comes over you, surrender it to your angels. They are literally waiting for it.

Sending Love & Positivity!


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