14th - 21st June Free Tarot Messages

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Messages revealed below:

Card 1 Message :-

You should set aside anything which is unhelpful in your life. If you think that your everyday life is not what it should be, change it! Don't stay in a situation which is weighing on you, set yourself free! There are many signs and messages prompting you to do this, and you should go with what your instinct is telling you.

Card 2 Message :-

You have all the insight you need to solve the problem or situation that is arising for you. Remove any anxiety or fear you have surrounding the situation and remember that you have the power to come up with a solution. Could also indicate that you need to let go of the past or let go of old habits in order to see clearly. If you find yourself hearing the same message or people telling you the same advice perhaps you haven't successfully put this into action, keep trying don't quit.

Card 3 Message :-

You can no longer get by doing what you have been doing, instead you need to make some changes for your health, well being and peace of mind. It is time to let go of destructive, self-sabotaging patterns and begin loving yourself again. The time has come for you to claim back your confidence and start creating a life that feels good to you. Can also indicate that a time of hardship is soon going to turn around for the better.

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