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16th - 22nd September 2019

Pick A Card Above Then Read Your Free Message Below ✨💜✨

Card 1 Message :- The cards evoke some problems in your life and show that in the past you have lived through painful moments; you have had some personal trials that you have always bounced back from by keeping a shrewd eye on the world. This life experience is now a strength and should allow you to develop on a personal level. With regard to that side of life, your draw announces great strides forward in the coming weeks.

Card 2 Message :-

Luck seems to be with you this week. So make the most of it to go forward, on the wings of the knowledge that happiness is only a few steps away. The cards show possible changes in your life. These are opportunities that are already there but you can't see them yet!

Card 3 Message :-

The professional aspect of your life could take a strange turn in October 2019. The cards show both a new situation in a workplace, and a windfall. The combination of the two may suggest a promotion or a performance linked bonus. It might also be that you are going to find a job in which you will have a greater responsibility than you have currently.

Love & Positivity To You!

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