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20th-26th January 2020

Pick 1, 2 or 3 ! ✨💜🌙

Card 1 Message :-

Someone you help can become a new connection and offer you great opportunities in the future. Be patient but be open minded to any new changes or people that come before you. Card 2 Message :-

Time to find balance and stability in both your career and family lives and take the time to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones. Embrace the important people in your life, be in the present moment with them, love and cherish them. Seek out like-souled people and enjoy deeper, more open, authentic conversations and connections that allow you to stretch your mind and nourish your spirit. Card 3 Message :-

The message you’ve chosen talks represents feelings of social elevation, popularity, or fame. ... Feeling good being a bigger, better, or more intelligent person than other people. The ease with which you “rise above” a situation or other people. Looking at life in a more positive or confident way than other people. There is also a person or situation in your life that terrifies you that you are powerless to stop it. Decisions being made against your will. Justice will be served.

Sending Love &Positivity!

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