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23rd - 29th March 2020 Messages

Relax 🌞 Clear Your Mind 🌝

Pick 1, 2 or 3...✨

Messages revealed below:

Card 1 Message :-

You have chosen the card of Stagnation; the state of not flowing or moving. Or the lack of activity, growth, or development. Although this is a time of adversity you should remember that all things change and there is always hope. Try and find the positives in your current situation and use them to your advantage. A lover or potential lover may not be what they seem. Beware of falling in love.

Card 2 Message :-

You have chosen the card of Receptive; willing to consider or accept new suggestions and ideas. Perhaps like of female animals; you are ready to mate. This could be a time of conceiving maybe you or someone around you is high in fertility at this time. Take advice from a counselor you trust. You will benefit from listening to the advice of others whom you respect and trust. Listening to their advice is the only way you will make progress at this time. If you make the mistake of disregarding the advice or not even bothering to listen in the first place then your plans will come to nothing.

Card 3 Message :-

You have chosen the card of Decrease. It encourages you to make sure you use use your resources appropriately apportioned or instability will result.

Go back to basics and focus on nourishing and nurturing your relationships. Direct your resources to fundamental operations only. Be frugal with your money. Direct your energy or finances toward basic concerns only and don't be impatient or resentful in having to do so.


Sending Love

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