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25th Nov - 1st Dec 2019

Card 1 Message :-

You have received a message that if you are currently committed to a relationship or situation and are putting the effort in to it to make things work. Then you need to pay attention to outside knowledge to gain a clearer perspective. You’re are missing some vital information. In order to build something stronger, teamwork is required.

Card 2 Message :-

There is much joy and happiness that is coming to you. Because of your own personal fulfillment, you provide others with inspiration and joy as well. People are drawn to you because they are capable of seeing the warm and beautiful energy which you bring into their lives. You are also in a position in which you are capable of sharing your qualities as well as achievements with other people. You radiate love and affection towards those you care about the most. 

Card 3 Message :-

It shows that you have the ability to remain calm and strong even when your life is going through immense struggle. It also shows that you are a compassionate person and you always have time for other people even if it's at your own expense. It is time to tap into your full potential without hesitation.

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