3rd November - 10th November 2019

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Card 1 Message :-

This week shows a test for you, the last hurdle, you’ve been through a lot already and this week proves to bring unexpected blessings in the form of what might seem like a hard battle. Remain level headed, remember what you’ve learnt from your past and don’t give into temptations! Your rewards will be greater if you past this hurdle!

Card 2 Message :-

A message from your angels not to be hindered or held back by old habits and/or patterns that need to be changed for your own benefit.

Card 3 Message :-

Many great things will come into your life soon. You just need to focus on good things that you already have in your life and to keep going in the same direction. You have been previously blocked and paused from fulfilling a quest to accomplish your soul destiny but now is the right time to continue on that path , there is an opportunity waiting for you.


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