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8th - 14th June 2020 Free Tarot Forecast

Relax 🌞 Clear Your Mind 🌝

Pick 1, 2 or 3...✨

Messages revealed below:

Card 1 Message :-

Every now and then, we think of someone and suddenly run into them - or the phone rings and there they are. It may be déjà vu, or the force of your thoughts may have conjured them. This is part of what you should come to expect over the coming month. Before you welcome them back into your life, however, find new solutions to old problems.

Card 2 Message :-

This card urges you to pay close attention to your dreams. It is through understanding them that you will be able to confront the issues that lay beneath the surface of your subconscious.

Card 3 Message :-

This card suggests that you are putting a past relationship where it belongs: in the past. You may be releasing negative emotions you've kept for so long. Set aside some part of your past so that a new experience or person can enter. You should think about what aspect of your life you should part with.

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