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Message 1

In general, being respectable can be a good thing and serve you well, especially when dealing with new people or with those who don't know you very well.

Do your best, be forgiving of yourself about any minor slip-ups, and have no regrets. You know what you're already good at, so focus on that and glide through any challenges.

Message 2

Your carefree attitude can attract some unexpected help to keep you going and to make things interesting if not fun. Uncertainty can be inspiring in its own way. Discoveries can be made in even the most repetitive activity when you look closely enough and appreciate why things are the way they are.

Message 3

You may have made careful plans or scheduled everything to perfection, but there are too many variables to allow most of your plans to play out the way you desire. While it might be your idea of fun to perform and be clever, try to keep things simple, especially if this is a work-related issue. It will cost you little or no effort and win you a lot of admiration, and maybe some monetary reward later.

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