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Rune Fehu - wealth Symbolically, Fehu announces the arrival of a loved-one, news or actions filled with positivity. It symbolises self-control, a position of strength and fertile arguments.

In this situation, Fehu heralds discord and a threat of failure. In fact, when inverted, this rune suggests material problems and financial difficulties. It warns of great dejection and disappointment in love. It highlights a situation which doesn't look good and won't have a future. It puts you on guard against deceptive appearances and taking the wrong path. There's no point in sinking into despair; be patient, as the wheel will keep on turning and better days will appear on the horizon. In order to face these setbacks, you are advised to stay the course and not stray from your path. To do so, you should use all your assets with wisdom and foresight, closely evaluating the whys and wherefores of your quest. Don't lose sight of the fact that with courage and tenacity, you will emerge the winner!

Rune Sigel - victory Symbolically, Sowilo ushers in a new cycle, which heralds the triumph of positive energy and long-term actions leading to the birth of something new in the wider sense of the word. New beginnings bringing fundamental changes will favour any radical change of direction.