“Free your mind, and the rest will follow.” — En Vogue

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Do you recall the infamous “Red Pill Scene” in The Matrix? It’s the one where Neo gets to choose between taking the red pill or blue pill. If he swallows the blue pill, he can return to his slime-filled prison. There he’ll continue his life as a human battery while his mind is distracted by the false existence that is the Matrix.

Or, he can go for the red pill, wake up from his ignorance, and experience harsh reality.

Learning to quiet your mind is like taking the red pill.

Being mindful means being present “Once you are present and centered and here, your mind will naturally quiet down.” Once we succeed in making our mind calm for at least couple of minutes and make it quiet, we discover a whole new world within ourselves. And there we find the source of individual development of each of us.

You might even start to ruminate on the negative things in your life like pain or trauma. Our mind is full of thoughts and flashbacks from the day, our past, and contemplating the future.

Cultivating stress, anticipation, anxiety, restlessness, a busy mind is what most of us face every day. From morning till evening we are at the mercy of our surroundings, work and expectations that force us to do everything as fast and efficient as possible. How to end this dominion of thoughts?

Release the negative thought patterns and start your healing process.

The basis for success is motivation and desire to achieve peace of mind.

There is no point of me telling you to ignore or hide from your thoughts, instead gain control over them, forgive if you need to forgive, act if you need to act but ultimately let go! Do not become trapped by these thoughts, acknowledge them, accept what is and release! Eventually as you give those thoughts less of your attention, those thoughts will fade.

There is no time timescale, on how long this will take, as you are taking action the process will show positive results.

So how to begin? When you focus on your breathing or your body, thoughts can come and go like clouds across a sky.

Not just during meditation, but when you are going throughout your day. “You can look at them, realize they are just thoughts, and let them go,” That’s why it’s good to focus on positive thoughts first. Hold those thoughts that bring us inspiration, joy and enthusiasm. It can be simple things such as: “I want to be a better, more spiritual person.” “I want to have only pure thoughts.” And so on. We can choose one or two good thoughts and let them grow within us.

By replacing old habits of negative thinking with a new habit of positive feelings.

From choosing to focus of good thoughts that create a good feeling inside you.

Feel good first and then you can attract more good things to you.

If you struggle keeping those happy feelings. Try creating a Mantra to assist you.

A mantra is a tool, which occupies the mind, so you can go deeper into meditation. A mantra, in essence, is a thought that replaces other thoughts. As you repeat your mantra, you will continue

to create the positive feelings from within, inner peace and happiness.

Mantra Example....

  • “I create my own path and walk it with joy.”

  • “My positive thoughts guide me to new heights.”

  • “I am conquering my fears and becoming stronger each day.”

  • “I will have a good day, because it's my choice.”

  • “I am not afraid to be wrong.” ...

  • “My body is a temple.

Article Source : J.P.Seer, Janet Ashforth, Michelle Fondin.

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