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July 6th - 12th Pick A Card Tarot Message

Relax 🌞 Clear Your Mind 🌝

Pick 1, 2 or 3...✨

Messages revealed below:

Card 1 Message :-

This card signifies the beginning of a new and beautiful relationship which will bring you great joy. Within an existing relationship, this card indicates an increasing flow of love and a deeper sense of commitment to each other. This is a time when fresh and exciting links with other people are being forged, and leads to an increased sense of harmony within friendships as well as partnerships.

Card 2 Message :-

This card shows that it would be helpful at this time to examine your attitudes towards responsibility. Do you see it as a burden or a gift? This card reminds you of the necessity to take full responsibility for what you bring into your life, with the knowledge that you always have a choice in how you view it or deal with it. Responsibility usually means hard work, but it also means that you are now mature enough to deal with it.

If life feels a burden at the moment, look at how you can ease this and make it more comfortable for yourself. Try taking a new perspective and carrying the load differently. You are capable of achieving more than you think you are!

Card 3 Message :-

This is a time to take a straightforward approach, and to take pleasure in what is going on around you. Your unerring sense of what is right will lead you to your goal. Go with the flow, and try not to push events before they are ready to move forward. By being patient, and making the necessary preparations, you can fulfil your aims.

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