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Accept the support of friends and loved ones, as you cannot be strong all the time. You are on track to completing something meaningful, so do not forget that you are not alone.

By believing in yourself and applying positive energy to your decisions, you will achieve prosperity. The foundation of your future will be laid on the good deeds of your present.

There is unexpected news on its way. In order to benefit from the changes coming, you must rely on your intelligence and ability to adapt. There is a deep desire for change that is making you irritable and agitated. Seeking true independence of mind will lead you to a clearer perception of your motivation and others'.

A big change.  It could be something that completely turns your life upside down, or it could be something a bit less drastic.  Either way, be assured this change is a very good thing.

The best course of action when going through such changes is to literally “go with the flow”.  Fighting the changes will likely bring chaos.  These changes are meant to help you let go of things that no longer serve your highest good.  Whatever purpose you once had with the things that are now falling away is complete.  Keep yourself centered and focused on the positive changes ahead.


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