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1.Rune Beorc - growth Symbolically, arcane rune Berkano represents Woman and everything she symbolises. This is a kind of energy that will enable you to manage your emotions to the best effect. It augurs well for fertility, positive renewal, the initiation of projects and a better understanding of the workings of communication in the wider sense.

2.Rune Nyd - caution Symbolically, arcane Nauthiz enables individuals to evolve by taking them through a phase of reorganisation. Anything not sufficiently stable or robust will inevitably disintegrate to make way for new, more stable and considered possibilities.

3.Rune As Or Os - language Symbolically, the arcane rune, Ansuz, heralds a period filled with exchanges with others, when communication will be the name of the game. Your future exchanges with others will be of the utmost importance in heading your life towards your goals.

by 123-rune

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