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Pick A Rune 1, 2 or 3 ? Free Message

Pick A Rune 1, 2 or 3 ?

Free Message :


Rune Gyfu - Energy & Six of Pentacles Symbolically, the arcane rune Gebo heralds a cycle that facilitates partnerships, union, closeness and exchanges with others, enabling your ego to go beyond its usual limits.

The Six of Pentacles suggest you are currently in or about to enter a exciting chapter where you've got an excellent relationship with your income. You also are grateful for all that you own and might happily share your wealth with others.


Rune Is - Willpower & The Moon Symbolically, the Is rune means establishing new behaviour patterns and taking definitive decisions to be able to focus once more on what is essential.

You are aided to be aware about the situations which are causing fear and anxiety for your mind. The negative energies need to be launched and turned into something constructive.


Rune Peorth - Destiny & Justice Symbolically, the Petrho rune brings vibrations which directly affect an individual's emotions. It heralds important changes, brought about by increased sensitivity to others and a sense of justice, which will help in making good decisions.

The Justice tarot card appearing signals that a judgment will be made fairly and accordingly. The decisions that you have made in the past will be carefully weighed with fairness.

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