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Tarot and the people you love

Problems with family or friends can be very difficult to take. We want those close to us to be there for us, to be supportive and nonjudgmental - but of course this often isn't the case. Many of our problems with family or friends can be improved by taking a step back and looking at the situation with a detached eye rather than reacting to their behaviour with hurt or anger. There are many ways we can then respond differently, and the tarot can be very useful in guiding us towards the best course of action. For instance we might be advised to hold our tongue (King of Cups), give support (the Queens) or to pull away for a while until the dust has settled and there is a better time to approach the relationship again (The Hermit, High Priestess, Four or Eight of Cups)

Look out for the suit of Cups in your reading. These cards represent yours or another's emotional or spiritual life and their appearance can give crucial guidance as to where you need to focus at this time. The Ace, Two or Page of Cups for instance may indicate new love, whilst the Three or Five of Cups may refer to heartbreak or loss. The Ten, Queen or King of Cups suggest a deeper, wider and more grounded love approaching; and the Eight of Cups represents a call to go deeper into yourself to find the deep spiritual truths and self-love within.

You will want to raise your vibration and get yourself into a more receptive state of consciousness. You can do this the shamanic way by drumming until you cross the hedge. Drumming is sometimes preferred as a technique because it is quite easy and straight forward even if you have never journeyed before. If you have no drum, you can spend a few minutes doing breathwork instead.

I suggest working with a deck that has images that really speak to you… a deck that sings, even. Lay the cards out according to the spread layout below,beforeyou start drumming. Then when you feel the energy shift, look at the cards and allow the messages to come. You may receive visions which are not related to the card images and that is completely safe and fine. It is also fine if you don’t. The messages can be subtle sometimes.

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Article Source: J.P.Seer, Elissa and Lisa

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