5 Questions

5 Questions

Perfect if you have a few questions, be as specific and clear as possible with each question.

You can ask the same question in a different way, more than once if you wish, I am sure the cards will still answer you accordingly... Choose your questions carefully for more clarity.

I will draw 3-5 cards for each question to see what messages come up for you.


Please enter your 5 questions in the message box or email J.P.Seer your questions if there is not enough text space.


All you need is... to relax, enter your name and date of birth. I ask your name and date of birth just to make sure I am connecting with you and no one else, When I do not have the name and date of birth of the person, a photograph or seeing you in person helps me to connect to your energy but even in person if I do not say your full name and date of birth the messages I have for you take longer to come in, so to save time in me connecting to your energy and to be able to pass on as many messages as possible.  I ask for your full name and date of birth. Distance is not an issue.