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The Numerological Compatibility Email Reading please leave your email address in message box, email us or you can send it via our chat box on our website at the bottom of the page.

This reading requires two individuals full date of birth it is used to calculate the compatibility between two people based on their Life Path numbers to measure the level of agreements they share. This compatibility is very important between two people like a couple, business partners, etc.

This email reading will calculate the Life Path number for each person and give a description of their compatibility based on their Life Path numbers.

Add Tarot Extras:-

You can add a 1 quick question (1 Tarot Message)


You can add a 1 question (3 Tarot Messages)

Numerology Compatibility Reading

  • No Refunds, Shop Coupon Available, Please Contact Us If You Have Any Issues With Your Order.

  • All Readings Are Sent Via Email.

    Please Note:- Reader on Maternity Leave therefore readings may take longer than usual to be sent to you.

    Please allow 5-7 days. If you do not receive your reading within 10 days please contact us via Website Chat or Email.

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