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🟢 Reader Available All readings are sent via email as soon as possible please allow extra time than usual due to Reader being on Maternity Leave. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Love & Positivity To You All! ✨💜💫 One Love, LGBT Friendly, Black-Owned, Non-Judgement, Safe Space For Everyone

Let Your Intuition Guide You!

Welcome, You Beautiful Soul!


About J.P.Seer
♋ I am a third-generation born psychic, a highly intuitive being, an empath, who has been having lucid dreams/premonitions from a very young age.
In 2012, I started my professional career on Psychic Today TV, I became a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner levels I, II & III and launched online readings via my website. I also had a stall at Greenwich Market, London for a few years offering face-to-face readings, I work with energy so distance is not an issue. (I have clients worldwide.)
My door is open to all of you beautiful souls who require my assistance, I recently joined Etsy to reach those who can benefit from what I can do!

I genuinely believe we all have psychic abilities just some people can tap into it easier than others, you have the answers within hopefully my readings can help you to hear those answers more clearly. - Let Your Intuition Guide You!