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Clear your mind, then pick a card 1, 2 or 3 to reveal your free message:

Number 1 message

You are being asked to value and look at your emotional and physical well-being. The moon causes us to feel that we are under confusion for everything looks different in the moonlight. It is probably making you feel a little bit more vulnerable that you really are and although you're independent it would be nice to depend upon someone. Use your hunches and your gut feelings. Look after yourself and look at what you're ultimate goal is in life for it is in the connection to everything that matters here. You have to have a strategy and a goal. No matter what the goal, there is always great power behind the attempts to reach it and, as such, very little can stand in the way of the energy signified by this card without being destroyed. You have overcome the challenges along the way, and now you are focusing your energies on the one goal that will lead to your success. This is your time to shine and to come out on top.

Number 2 message

It is a time when you are open to helping others, which in turn means that others are open to helping you. It is about spending quality time with your loved ones and your friends.

You may find that by turning to your friends, you receive the love, support and compassion you need right now. Your close circle of friends may be a parents' group, old school friends, networking group or a collection of friendships that you have built up over the years. There is a oneness shared between your close friends and you, and there is a general feeling of sensitivity and sympathy with one another. You have reached a high enough level of spiritual attainment yourself that you no longer need to convince others of what they should do. You can honour silence and allow your inner light to shine out towards others as a means of communication.

Number 3 message

The energy of this card asks you to be patient so that you can act with timing and precision. Patience and moderation will result in good management of all things. Do not feel that you need to rush, just let the situation evolve at its natural pace.

Throughout this transition, you may also experience a clash between the old and the new you, sometimes feeling confused about which direction you ought to take and what is really important to you.


Updated: Jun 1, 2022

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Message 1

The 8 of Pentacles is encouragement to keep doing what you are doing as it will eventually lead to success. Yes, it requires a lot of dedication, focus and patience but as each day passes and as you stay true to your values and beliefs, you get a little closer to your goal. You cannot change what has passed, so do not worry about it. Instead look forward to where a difference can be made. Be tolerant and patient for people do not always tell the entire story.

You may be unhappy with your current state and you know you need to make some important changes in your life to increase your overall satisfaction. Unlike many of the other cards indicating change or renewal, this one symbolises a concentrated determination to master the new skill being learned and the single-minded effort of someone who has consciously chosen a new career path or creative undertaking. If you are not aware of this then you are likely to be going through a life lesson. Things may seem to get worse before they get better, but do not despair, for it is said that the night always seems blackest just before dawn. Some nights may be longer than others, but the sun will always rise to greet the day, therefore maintain a positive mindset and do not quit.

Message 2

Temperance is the fifteenth card in the Major Arcana, and is given the number 14 to indicate that the Magician (1) has now learned to combine each of the four physical elements (4), to achieve balance. To bring things back into balance, you must seek common ground with those involved, and rather than react defensively, act calmly. Speak your truth evenly, without too much anger (fire), without being too wishy-washy (water). Rather than taking off in an uncharted direction that can take you far off course, follow the road through the center. It gives you plenty of choices to bear left or right when necessary, but keeps you close to the safety of the well-worn path. Temperance can be a warning to slow down, or simply to stop. This may include indulgences, vices, and bad habits. Temperance urges you to rethink and re-evaluate your position in the present situation, and reminds you to ground and center yourself.

Message 3

Judgement in your future denotes a milestone in the development of your soul. As an intuitive person, you know that you can trust your gut feeling to guide you. When you feel truly happy and inspired about something, you know that that is the way to go! Aim to seek out opportunities that make you feel fulfilled and that are aligned with your personal values, rather than simply following the path that others expect you to take. You have to do what feels right to you and you only. You will walk through fire, and come out of it transformed, and renewed. It indicates a time in the future when you will be liberated from your past, and marks your awareness of this freedom. This will be a good time to make the change complete. You may want to honor and mark your change in some way, major or minor. Acknowledging when you reach this point and releasing any leftover negative reminders from the “old” you will be the final steps in the process.



Clear your mind, then pick a card 1, 2 or 3 to reveal your free message:

Number 1 message

5 of Clubs

If you’re willing to hold your position while working through the challenges presented, you’ll come out on top.

The question is, do you have what it takes to ride the wave to the finish line?

When this card appears upright in a reading, it calls attention to disharmony in your life. You may be engaged in mental or physical warfare with those around you.

Number 2 message

8 of Hearts